Donnerstag, 18. Januar 2018

Dusk to Dawn's “Transition”: New album released on well-known record label

“Transition” is out now! Pre-listen or buy the album here:

Creating an album is a long process. Trying to convince your band mates of yet another 80’s-like composition, writing the least understandable lyrics, arranging and producing the tracks in search of new or really innovative sounds – and then ruining everything with the final touches. And starting over.

Publishing an album seems to be an even lengthier procedure! After announcing the new Dusk to Dawn album Transition for quite some time, we discussed and finally decided to go the professional way. Due to our good experience with Atemporal Records, who marketed our songs from the 90’s on vinyl, we’ve decided for the first time to approach record labels to bring out new tracks.

We applied and signed a deal with a well-known German indie label, the one which seems to fit in our repertoire the most: Echozone. With world-famous acts like PORN and other good old German synth pop bands like !distain, Echozone is the best record company to reach people who might be interested in what Dusk to Dawn stands for in 2018.

1. Not this World [Zolke]
2. Sole Survivor [Kleinwächter]
3. Hailing Truth [Kleinwächter]
4. Remains [Zolke]
5. Homecoming [Erren]
6. Exit [Zolke]
7. Faith in you [Kleinwächter]
8. Letting go [Erren]
9. Transition [Erren]
10. Traces [Erren]

All tracks written, arranged and produced by Dusk to Dawn.
Mastered by Kim Lajoie, Obsessive Music, Melbourne, Australia.
Cover artwork by Martin Hinze, Cologne, Germany.

Since 1991, Dusk to Dawn are
Jörg Erren (Bass, Synthesizers)
Andreas Kleinwächter (Guitars, Synthesizers)
Achim Zolke (Vocals, Synthesizers)

© 2018 by Dusk to Dawn


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“Transition” is out now! Pre-listen or buy the album here:

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