Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

Vinyl Record 'Remains' in the making

Closer to no dream...

Hello friends !
We are right now working on the Cover design for the Vinyl album entitled 'Remains' which features a number of our old songs, which we have recorded between 1992 and 1995.

Needless to say we have remastered the old recordings.
So they will sound better than what you propably now from the Internet and the old worn out Dusk to Dawn cassettes, which you may own.
Some songs will even be available in versions you have never heard before.

Do you care to know the tracklist already ?
Yes ?
We thought so :)

Side A :
1. Far Places (version from 'Places You have Never seen')
2. Ashes (previously unreleased version with Guitars)
3. Ride (previously unreleased version)
4. Out of Sight (version from 'Places You have Never seen')
5. Ways to burn (as known from the internet)

Side B :
1. Crawl (as known from the internet)
2. Fatal Envoy (previously only available on a tape sampler from 1995)
3. Fading (version from 'Places You have Never seen')
4. Where I came from (previously unreleased version)
5. Separation (version from 'Places You have Never seen')

We'll keep you posted !