Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2014

“Distant Waves” vinyl compilation: Double Feature for Dusk to Dawn

“Distant Waves” are louder than you think: Although almost forgotten, some bands made it from the cold wave area of the 1980’s and goth rock of the early 1990’s into collective memory. Some didn’t. The Spanish label Dead Wax Records is lifting both of them. With a new set of discoveries from those areas, this vinyl release brings up memories you might have never had. The German trio Dusk to Dawn is taking part in it with a re-mastered song and a demo which was never scheduled to ever be released.

Along with great contributions from acts such as Babel 17, Leave in Silence or The Last Cry, Dusk to Dawn is on this vinyl LP with a so-far unpublished 2014 re-master of “Hearts lied open”. The song was initially released on their 1994 MC album “Places you will never see”. A bit unusual for Dusk to Dawn’s mid-90’s period, “Hearts lied open” is more of a minimal rock song than electro or future pop, thus is fitting perfectly into this guitar-oriented, up-tempo dark wave compilation.

Dusk to Dawn is the only band with more than one song on the “Distant Waves” release, at least if you add THE ADDENDUM, a bonus 7” vinyl with 3 additional tracks. “Without a Break” is Dusk to Dawn’s contribution here. Clearly of demo quality and recorded in 1993 with Andreas Kleinwächter on guitars – shortly before he temporarily left the band – this fast electronica track is getting closer to post-punk than to Dusk to Dawn’s synth pop style.

“Distant Waves” does not sound distant at all: By careful, but powerful re-mastering work, the sound is fresh and contemporary, in a way… at least up-to-date enough to be played by any DJ of the minimal, electro, gothic, dark and new wave family & friends.

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