Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2018

“Transition” released: All information on new Dusk to Dawn album so far

For the first time since the reunion of the electropop trio from Germany, they released a long player with new songs. "Transition" bridges between the new wave style of Dusk to Dawn’s songs from the 90s and contemporary synth-pop with a touch of dark-rock. 

The opener of the new album, "Not this World", drops the minimalism of the earlier days already. “Hailing Truth" also comes along with hymnic chords, real bass and electric guitar. The title track is a purely synthetic instrumental thunderstorm, and the last song, "Traces" conciliates with classic, beautiful synth-pop.

A special feature is "Remains", created in 1995 as a demo that is still unpublished today. In 2012, it was supposed to be the title track on the vinyl LP of the same name (label: Atemporal Records, Spain), filled with re-mastered Dusk to Dawn songs from the 90s (sold out, available as download). In the end, however, the band decided to rearrange the track completely – and to release it now, 23 years after its creation, for the first time.

Dusk to Dawn have signed with the renowned German independent label Echozone (other acts include Porn, !distain, In Good Faith or The Frozen Autumn). “Transition” was published as digital release by the end of January 2018.

Tracklist, cover & credits: See news below.

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