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New Dusk to Dawn album: First reactions and reviews

Dusk to Dawn's long-player “Transition” gains a lot of feedback beyond any expectations by the band. The German group have applied and immediately signed with the renowned label Echozone – which is for sure part of the successful distribution: The album tracks are played on international radio/podcast shows everyday and all reviews so far have described the record as an excellent work.

Working on "Transition" (Andreas Kleinwächter, Jörg Erren)

„In Germany, we only have two relevant underground music print magazines“, says singer Achim Zolke, „Sonic Seducer and Orkus. I'm glad both decided to feature Dusk to Dawn in their March 2018 issues and give us such tremendous feedback.“ Sonic Seducer published a review on “this very well-made album” which was made “in the stylistic range of bands like Depeche Mode and Camouflage of the 90s; lovers of the bands mentioned are guaranteed not to be disappointed. Even the synthesizers used have been carefully selected and operated by Jörg Erren with regard to authentic 90s sound.”

Sonic Seducer continues to praise the “top-class, very individual compositions, which come from the individual band members and are arranged together, the charismatic vocals of Achim Zolke and the driving rhythms, which ensure that the Dusk to Dawn songs also work perfectly in the club.”

Orkus Magazine and CD compilation March 2018
Orkus describes the album as clearly having its roots in the 80's and 90's, but they are “masterfully conveyed into the presence”. The album opener “Not this World” is featured on the new (March 2018) Orkus compilation CD. Another dark rock song from the album, “Faith in you”, written by guitarist Andreas Kleinwächter, is presented on the “La Danse Macabre 3” compilation (At Sea Compilations), also released in March 2018.

INTRAVENOUS MAGAZINE writes: “The album "Transition" marks a sound evolution and still remains true to what Dusk to Dawn is all about: catchy electro-pop with depth, reminiscent of hits from the 1980s, similarly danceable, but with a dark and "techie" mood.” Nordevents says: “A good album – but for electro pop fans even an excellent album.”

Dusk to Dawn's newest songs are constantly featured on indie and dark wave podcasts like Bloodlit Radio, Radio Attitude (Charente), Kontrapunkt, FlyFlew Radio, Hazzard Of Darkness, Vox Noctem - Die Stimme der Nacht, Core FM, Grufti Radio or the NOSW podcast.

Besides further positive reviews in Musikiathek, Kainklangmusikmagazin and others, maybe the most beautiful feedback simply comes from a YouTube user from the United States, recently posted under the “Transition snippets” video:

Yeah, we don't get any exposure to this type of music in USA anymore. Well, not since 1980’s to early 1990's. I just listened to the whole album “Transition “ yesterday. I already put it at #1 album im my music colllection for this year. It will be hard to beat. I shared the album via Apple Music with my son who is away at college. Apparently, they had a big party last night and he tells me this morning they were jamming this album last night. Kids were asking “who & what type of music is this?” I call it “”New Wave”. But, maybe for today’s younger generation, I will call it “SynthWave”. Great stuff! (...)" 


Dusk to Dawn - „Transition“ consists of ten songs created since the group's reunion in 2011. The suggestive title stands for the bridge between 90's wave and synth pop to (moderately) modern, electro rock – arranged, composed and produced by the three band members and mastered by Obsessive Music in Melbourne.

„Transition“ is a digital-only release which can be obtained via popular download platforms:

Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2018

“Transition” released: All information on new Dusk to Dawn album so far

For the first time since the reunion of the electropop trio from Germany, they released a long player with new songs. "Transition" bridges between the new wave style of Dusk to Dawn’s songs from the 90s and contemporary synth-pop with a touch of dark-rock. 

The opener of the new album, "Not this World", drops the minimalism of the earlier days already. “Hailing Truth" also comes along with hymnic chords, real bass and electric guitar. The title track is a purely synthetic instrumental thunderstorm, and the last song, "Traces" conciliates with classic, beautiful synth-pop.

A special feature is "Remains", created in 1995 as a demo that is still unpublished today. In 2012, it was supposed to be the title track on the vinyl LP of the same name (label: Atemporal Records, Spain), filled with re-mastered Dusk to Dawn songs from the 90s (sold out, available as download). In the end, however, the band decided to rearrange the track completely – and to release it now, 23 years after its creation, for the first time.

Dusk to Dawn have signed with the renowned German independent label Echozone (other acts include Porn, !distain, In Good Faith or The Frozen Autumn). “Transition” was published as digital release by the end of January 2018.

Tracklist, cover & credits: See news below.

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Donnerstag, 18. Januar 2018

Dusk to Dawn's “Transition”: New album released on well-known record label

“Transition” is out now! Pre-listen or buy the album here:

Creating an album is a long process. Trying to convince your band mates of yet another 80’s-like composition, writing the least understandable lyrics, arranging and producing the tracks in search of new or really innovative sounds – and then ruining everything with the final touches. And starting over.

Publishing an album seems to be an even lengthier procedure! After announcing the new Dusk to Dawn album Transition for quite some time, we discussed and finally decided to go the professional way. Due to our good experience with Atemporal Records, who marketed our songs from the 90’s on vinyl, we’ve decided for the first time to approach record labels to bring out new tracks.

We applied and signed a deal with a well-known German indie label, the one which seems to fit in our repertoire the most: Echozone. With world-famous acts like PORN and other good old German synth pop bands like !distain, Echozone is the best record company to reach people who might be interested in what Dusk to Dawn stands for in 2018.

1. Not this World [Zolke]
2. Sole Survivor [Kleinwächter]
3. Hailing Truth [Kleinwächter]
4. Remains [Zolke]
5. Homecoming [Erren]
6. Exit [Zolke]
7. Faith in you [Kleinwächter]
8. Letting go [Erren]
9. Transition [Erren]
10. Traces [Erren]

All tracks written, arranged and produced by Dusk to Dawn.
Mastered by Kim Lajoie, Obsessive Music, Melbourne, Australia.
Cover artwork by Martin Hinze, Cologne, Germany.

Since 1991, Dusk to Dawn are
Jörg Erren (Bass, Synthesizers)
Andreas Kleinwächter (Guitars, Synthesizers)
Achim Zolke (Vocals, Synthesizers)

© 2018 by Dusk to Dawn


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“Transition” is out now! Pre-listen or buy the album here: