Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

Dusk to Dawn in 2013

Hello everybody and a happy new year !

We'd like to share a little bit of what he have been up to lately with Dusk to Dawn.

After having recorded material for some more songs in last year's October, we took a little holiday break during the christmas time. However, we can confirm that are working on a full Dusk to Dawn album.

There is some more recording to be done and then a lot of mixing and mastering. Nothing is scheduled yet, but the year is very young.

Furthermore, we received information from Atemporal Records, that our Retrospective Vinyl Album 'Remains' is selling well, so make sure to get hold of a copy of it while stocks last :)

Have a great 2013 !

Sincerely, your guys from Dusk to Dawn

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